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St. Paul The Apostle Conference, Burlington, ON

Monthly Collection Thank You

Thank you to our parishioners for your generous donations. 


June 2024 donation totals:

Church collection - $4,772

Canada Helps - $963.00

Pre-authorized debit - $586

eTransfer - $30


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.


At SSVP we

• See Christ in anyone who suffers

• Come together as a family

• Have personal contact with the poor

• Help in all possible ways


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul ( SSVP), an international lay Catholic organization founded in 1833, is a community based charity that supports families in need, regardless of their race, denomination or background. By visiting homes in the community, our volunteers are able to assist families-in-need, those struggling to support themselves and those who are ill and alone. We listen with compassion and refer families to local resources and agencies. We help with essential needs such as securing food, furniture, and clothing but we also advocate access to benefits such as the Canada Learning Bond, Recreation and Camp subsidies, emergency dental assistance, and further education.


At the local level Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is organized into groups called conferences attached to local parishes. In Halton there are thirteen conferences. The conferences are over-seen by the next level of organization called a Particular Council. The Particular Council reports to the Regional Council of Ontario, which then reports to SSVP National.


In response to a call of the conscience, we Vincentians make every effort to put our Christian Faith into action by providing assistance to anyone in need. We do this in such a way that the dignity and privacy of those we help is protected.

(Note:  We do not provide financial assistance via email.  If you are a neighbor-in-need, call our Helpline at 905-522-8222.)

2265 Headon Road, Burlington, ON, Canada


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